Motorcycle routes

Kotor Serpentine & Lovćen - Montenegro

The road from Cetinje to Kotor (called P1) is mostly a narrow one-lane road offering stunning views of Kotor from above.

Distance: 64 km
Time: 1:19 hours

Montenegro border to Trebinje - Bosnia

While the road starts as a normal mountain road the more you advance (when driving from Trebinje) the more spectacular the view gets. And just before the Montenegro border the view over the mountains is just wonderful.

Distance: 32 km
Time: 0:37 hours

Durmitor - Montenegro

P14 is a spectacular mountain road in Montenegro, going through the Durmitor National Park. The road climbs up the Prevoj Sedlo, a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.907m above the sea level.

Distance: 42 km
Time: 0:45 hours

Piva Canyon - Montenegro

Piva Canyon Road is a very scenic drive, part of the European route E 762, in the southwest of Montenegro near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The canyon is 33 km long, deep up to 1,200 m, in the Piva. The road goes through many rocky tunnels through the rocks of the canyon, near the lake.

Distance: 26 km
Time: 0:20 hours

Passo Stelvio - Italy

The Stelvio Pass or SS38 is located in the municipality of Bormio and marks the border with the province of Bolzano. The original road was built in 1820–25 by the Austrian Empire. It was picked by Top Gear as the "greatest driving road in the world" in Europe.

Distance: 48 km
Time: 1:09 hours

Splügenpass - Switzerland, Italy

The high mountain pass elevation is 2,115 m. Connects the Swiss valley and Italian province of Sondrio. Since the opening of the San Bernardino road tunnel in 1967, the pass has lost its former importance.

Distance: 39 km
Time: 0:56 hours

Malojapass - Switzerland

Maloja Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1,815 m, located in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Graubünden. The road is usually open all year. The Romans built a fully fledged road over it which crumbled in tune with the Roman Empire.

Distance: 30 km
Time: 0:38 hours

Berninapass - Switzerland

The Bernina Pass (2,328 m) is crossed by road and rail, the Bernina Express operating year-round between Chur and Tirano. The pass was an important trade route over the Alps during the Middle Ages.

Distance: 32 km
Time: 0:33 hours

Grossglockner High Alpine Road - Austria

The highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria. It connects Bruck in the state of Salzburg with Heiligenblut in Carinthia via Fuscher Törl and Hochtor Pass at 2,504 m.

Distance: 37.7 km
Time: 0:59 hours

Transfăgărășan - Romania

The Transfăgărășan or DN7C, also known as Ceaușescu's Folly, is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

Distance: 90 km
Time: 2:03 hours

Logarska dolina - Slovenia

A settlement in the Logar Valley in the Municipality of Solčava in northern Slovenia.

Distance: 21 km
Time: 0:28 hours

Mangart - Slovenia

The Mangart road, at 2,055 m, is the highest road in Slovenia. It is the access road from Log pod Mangartom to the Mangart pass at Mangart. It was built in late 1930s.

Distance: 17 km
Time: 0:33 hours

E65 Senj to Stinica - Croatia

The road's winding design, providing stunning panoramic views, is very curvy and fun for a leisurely ride.

Distance: 41.5 km
Time: 0:44 hours